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IGN: _Starrr
5 months ago

✨March News  & Announcements✨

WoW! its been 1 month since Dystopia was released! time fly's when your playing Minecraft! 

Its been an exciting and surprising month.

Tenreeez and I would like to thank all of you for your amazing support! Within a week of opening we hit double tabs ❤❤❤

To celebrate one Month of opening we are giving away 2x2000 stargems all you have to do it react to the giveaway bot on our discord to be in the running. Winners announced 9:15am london 4am New york time (Winners to DM _Starrr ingame)

Congratulation's to Samaritanai and Chris_wynn on winning the Top rank giveaway last month!

Also pleased to announce The top voters for the month:

Congratulations goes to 

Pink_PartyGirl 1500 Stargems and [TopVotes] tag

 Qoix 1000 Stargems

Shopkeep00 500 Stargems



30% OFF on SPRING crate keys!

New limited crate check in game for prizes.


We also would like to welcome both                                                                             

Taolalong & Excessivegamer

to the Survivalstar STAFF team :)

A Huge shoutout also goes to Crazy_chef and Smol_rock for your support since before Beta! 

Last edited: 5 months ago