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IGN: TenReeez
6 months ago

Welcome to  SurvivalStar!  

⭐SurvivalStar is a dedicated Minecraft Survival server. Offering multiple realms, versions and styles of game play. Each realm has a unique experience suiting all players and personalities.

⭐We look forward to seeing the realms develop organically over time with the communities input. Have your say and take part in how the realms grow and change by putting your suggestions in the #suggestions channel on Discord. Keep an eye out for regular Polls to vote on.

⭐On the Release of SurvivalStar, DYSTOPIA will be open to play, followed by ELYSIUM and then OBLIVION not far behind!


DYSTOPIA✨✨✨ beta

Version: 1.13.2 with 1.8 PVP (join with any version)

Map: 30k x 30k No mining world

Survival realm with PVP enabled outside of claims. You are safe inside any claim! No keep inventory on death. No PVP toggle.


SurvivalStar DYSTOPIA offers much more than the standard economy offered on most servers! With multiple currency types, uses and ways of obtaining, it will be sure to keep you busy grinding!. In-game currencies include Money, StarGems and Questpoints!

⭐Money Economy is based on spawners, farming and players supply and demand. Hourly fishing competitions which pay well for winning while the custom catches can make it very profitable! Shopchests are also available so why not open a shop at your Warp or at /warp Mall? Complete Quests to earn Questpoints and redeem for currency and other goods at /qpshop to get you started! Use /trade to trade safety with other players. AFK is allowed! But no 0-tick or auto-farms (redstone).

⭐Stargems is SurvivalStars unique currency. These gems are GLOBAL and once earned on one realm can be used/redeemed on ALL realms. Obtain these by completing quests, voting, fishing, from crates or the buycraft store. Use these to purchase ranks, crate keys, tools, kits and more via in-game GUI. Do /gems store to open GUI. You can also use Stargems to trade for in-game money and items with other players.

Questpoints can be earned by completing quest scrolls that you get exclusively from Voting! Use Questpoints to buy items, some exclusive spawners, game currency, fly-time and crate keys from /qpshop You also have the ability to trade/sell questpoints to other players.

Check out Dystopia Wiki on Forums for tutorials and anything Dystopia related.


Version:1.16.5 with 1.16 PVP (join with any version)

Map: 10k x 10k with a dedicated mining world that gets reset monthly.

Friendly Survival realm with PVP Toggle on/off You choose whether you want to PVP or not. No keep inventory on death. 

Watch this space

Check out Elysium Wiki on Forums for tutorials and anything Elysium related.



Version: 1.13.2 with 1.8 PVP (join with any version)

Map: 5K x 5K

Survival realm with PVP enabled outside of claims ! If You are at TOTALWAR with another Land PVP will be Enabled inside claims and you CAN BE KILLED ANYWHERE except spawn. No keep inventory on death. No PVP toggle. 

Watch this space.

Check out Oblivion Wiki on Forums for tutorials and anything Oblivion related.


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